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Digital Marketing Insights #COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues, industries across the world are having to reinvent themselves to cope with the changing consumer landscape. All the industries can benefit from taking this time to strategize and plan for the future, rather than putting the brakes on.

In the coming months, businesses are going to become more reliant than ever on their digital strategy. The total disappearance of all channels related to live events and conferences, and the increasing barriers on face-to-face business, pose an enormous challenge.

Digital is likely to be the clear winner here, and companies – including ones that may not so much as had a Facebook page before – will need to move into social marketing, content marketing, SEO and influencer-led campaigns. Larger companies are also now finding themselves in the position of having potentially lost millions through cancelled events. They won’t go back, the hours of time and expense spent on preparations for this year will be spent on Digital Marketing.

Recently, Google has shown its support for small and medium-sized businesses by announcing it will issue $340M in Google Ads credits. Which can be used at any point until the end of 2020 across our Google Ads platforms. SMBs who have been active advertisers since the beginning of 2019 will see a credit notification appear in their Google Ads account in the coming months (Link).

The search giant announced that it will waive ad serving fees for select news publishers globally today (April 17), in recognition of how many news organisations rely on Google Ad Manager to support their digital sites.

Google is to waive ad serving fees for eligible publishers for five months and has launched an emergency relief fund for small or local newsrooms—in a bid to salvage publishers struggling financially during the COVID-19 outbreak.

I would like to share some digital marketing strategies that may help marketers at this time.

Understand the user behaviour:

When everyone is at home, and not sure for how long. The users are spending more and more time online – web usage is increased by 40% and more.

As per comscore data, below are the categories which got maximum user interaction.

News: Compared with the week of Feb. 10-16, 2020 visits to websites and mobile apps in the “General News” category increased by 61% in the week of March 16-22, 2020. However, most of the increase occurred recently: compared with the week of March 9-15, 2020, visits went up by 50% during the week of March 16-22, 2020.

Business: As financial markets fluctuate with the spread of the pandemic, the reach of, and engagement with, digital content within the “Business News” category have surged. The number of unique visitors increased by 22% between the weeks of March 9-15, 2020 and March 16-22, 2020, while the increase in total visits was 34%, and total minutes increased by 27%.

Healthcare: As people sought information about this relatively novel illness, traffic to health-related websites increased. Between the weeks of Feb. 10-16 and Mar 16-22, 2020, visits to health information websites and mobile apps increased by 25%.

Online Gaming: Devoid of sports, travel and any social activities, many have turned to online games. Between the weeks of Feb. 10-16, 2020 and March 16-22; 2020, visits to online gaming websites or apps increased by 24%. Engagement, as measured by time spent on gaming sites or apps, increased by 21% during the same time period.

Top Advertising Channels to go with:

Paid Search:

Many users are spending a lot of time on browsing, especially home gaming and entertainment which are skyrocketing. At this time users genuinely want to see your content during the quarantine. Meaning, if your business can afford to continue advertising during this period, you still have a shot at selling products online, setting future appointments, and taking advantage of a less competitive marketplace. If you pull-back at a time like this, you remove your service and product from consideration, and someone else will capitalize on this opportunity.


It’s time to work on SEO, so your organic presence gets better during these tough times. Continue to generate Social Media content to inform and update customers. Or redesign your website to emerge from these trying times. Whether it’s advertising or engaging customers, now it is an excellent time to move forward.

Website Crawling: does your site have the ability to be crawled and indexed by search engines?

Landing page: find Opportunities to focus on improving rankings.

Keyword research: what new content could you create? Take a look at the questions your audience are asking and what they are searching for.

New Web Page Creation: turn that keyword research into high quality content that your audience will want to consume.

Social Media:

Social Media attention is at all-time high and many of your competitors are pausing their campaigns. Brand awareness is also a low-cost objective now and You have the opportunity to serve people now, and win business later. Keep updating the Facebook posts promoting your latest products.

YouTube advertising:

Google reports that Cooking, Health, Entertainment, Sports & Fitness and Education channels in particular are seeing an uptick in views. YouTube is the perfect place to build up your brand during this downtime – you’ll be reaping the rewards when shopping habits pick back up.They want your YouTube videos so they can learn how your service can help them live better lives.

Programmatic Advertising: Run your ads only on white-listed websites. Meaning, choose your websites as per your requirement.

Hope this helps you all, For more articles please visit my website.

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