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How to Measure Brand Awareness on Different Platforms

Measuring brand awareness is the major challenge in Digital marketing. It is difficult to know the effectiveness of Brand Awareness based Campaigns and calculate their ROI. Brand Awareness is a KPI that allows Advertisers to get an idea of what their Audiences think about their ads and how the users' views might change as a result of ad exposure.

In this article, I have presented some awesome ways to measure your Brand awareness across different platforms.

Programmatic Advertising:

  • Check Viewable impressions percentage to ensure you are bidding on Ads that are seen.

  • For video: Check Completion Rate

  • Unique Reach

  • Leads or Number of surveys

How to Measure Social Engagement:

Social Media Management tools help companies understand if their target audience will react positively to a campaign before it is launched. All social platforms provide analytics for your Brand-awareness campaigns, but you can also use social media tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to track performance on social channels.

Social Listening:

Social listening will help to listen to online, organic conversations about your brand across social media and the web. Here you can monitor any customer feedback and check on direct comments of your brand followed by an analysis to gain insights and act on those areas.

Social media listening helps you understand not just what people are saying about your brand, but why, where, and how these conversations are happening. You can also use social listening tools that are available in the market.

Google Keyword Planner: Enter your Brand’s keywords in Google's Keyword Planner to see changes in monthly search volume.

Google Search Console: Check Month over Month Impressions for brand searches. You can measure Brand awareness by data collected from Google Search Console. You can also use Google Trends to see how well your competitors are performing against your brand.

Google Alerts: Goto and sign up for daily or weekly email alerts on keywords for all your brands or products.

Google Trends: Get Insights on the popularity of your Brand and products by entering them into Google Trends.

Google Analytics: Check these traffic channels:

Organic Search, Direct, Display, Referral, Social, Paid Search, Email, Sessions, Time spent on website and product


This will give an understanding on how people heard about you and also helps to get insights into the number of people that can be recalled for your brand.

YouTube Analytics: YouTube gives detailed analysis like minutes watched, demographics, geographic regions, and sources of views etc. Keep an eye on Subscribers gained: People that have opted in on given platforms.

Track Your Share of Voice and Search Popularity:

You can track your Organic SOV by analyzing your most important keywords in relation to your main competitors.

Search for your brand and your competitor’s brand, as well as some other top keywords with a Keyword tool. This strategy is a great way to measure and track your brand awareness.

Finally, you need to choose a good set of tools that you consider important to track. You should also have clear strategies for each of the selected tools. Hope this helps you all, If you have more ideas on how to measure brand awareness, please comment.

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