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Introducing Facebook Shop

Facebook Shop:

Facebook Shops is an online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Creating a Facebook Shop is free and simple. Small Businesses can choose the products from their catalog and then customize to showcase their brand. People can find Facebook Shops on a business’ Facebook Page or Instagram profile. From there, you can browse the full collection, save products you are interested in selling.

With Facebook Shop page you can:

1. Add unlimited number of products

2. Organize your products in categories

3. See stats on your sales, visits, and more.

How do I set up a Facebook Store using Facebook?

When you visit your Facebook page and if there is no "Shop tab" showing at all on your page. This means that your "Facebook template" is not set to "Shopping".

In order to change the standard "Facebook template" to "Shopping template", you should follow these steps:

1. Go to the Facebook page

2. Click 'Settings'

3. Click 'Templates and Tabs', click 'Edit

4. Click 'View Details' on Shopping and 'Apply Template'

After selecting the "Shopping template", please make sure you have enabled the Shop Tab:

Also please make sure the Facebook business page is published:

To Publish Shop Page:

1. Click Settings at the top of your Page

2. From General, click Page Visibility

3. Click the setting to "Page published"

4. Click Save Changes

How to set up Shop Section: Please follow the below 5 steps as shown in the screen grab.

Hope this helps. Please follow for more articles.

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