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Faceboook Advertising

Facebook Ad Targeting

  • Facebook Dark Post
  • Facebook dark posts are News Feed style ads that don’t publish to your Timeline or in your fans’ feeds organically.

  • A dark post doesn’t have to just be a status update it can be photos, videos, links or an Offer.

How to Create Facebook Dark Post

  • To create dark posts within Power Editor, you first need to create a new ad post.

  • You can then select whether the dark post will be a link post, carousel post, photo post, video post, or status update.

  • To make sure it’s a dark post / unpublished post, select the option at the bottom that says “only use this post for an ad”

  • You can either publish your post immediately or schedule it for later.

Facebook Hashtag Campaign

  • A hashtag campaign is a marketing initiative usually meant to gain social media attention, to create engagement, or drive traffic for a specific topic, product or idea. Companies, organizations or individuals can all be behind a hashtag campaign.

  • Hashtags drive conversations about specific products or particular topics.

  • A hashtag can be used to market new campaigns and products, run contests and competitions, request fans to provide input regarding a new company development or to link a brand to a famous news story or item.​

How to start your hashtag campaign

  • Research Your Brand and Competitors

  • Measure the current influence of your brand

  • Determine what relevant keywords your brand name is associated with and compile a list.

  • Define the Goals of Your Campaign

  • Create a Hashtag that Resonates With Your Audience

  • Short

  • Memorable

  • Relevant

  • Rare

  • Universal

How to start your hashtag campaign

  • Execute the Campaign 

  • Boost Your Hashtag Campaign

  • Run Sweepstakes to Boost Audience

  • Using Trending Hashtags

  • Amplify Your Message Using Tweets And Contests

  • Use Images, GIF, and Videos

  • Measure Your Campaign

How to Create a Hashtag on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account and locate the Update Status box on your News Feed or Timeline.

  • Enter the content you want to share followed by the number sign and a single word that relates to the post #Marketing

  •  Locate your post and click the hashtag in your post.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Demographics

It defines basic user information such as age, gender, education, workplace, relationship, language, and location.

Demographics that can be targeted with Facebook ads are:

  • Age – Target users within a specific age range or by generation.

  • Language – Choose the language your target audience speaks.

  • Gender – Male, female, or all.

  • Relationship – Gender user is interested in and relationship status.

  • Education – Education level, field of study, school attended, etc.

  • Work – Industry, job title, employer, and office type.

  • Location – Everyone in a specific location, people who have recently been to a specific location, or people traveling in a specific location.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Interest

Target users who have identified specific interests from personal finance to bodybuilding.

Facebook interests advertisers can target are:

  • Business & Industry – Design, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc.

  • Entertainment – Movies, Music, TV, etc.

  • Family & Relationships – Family, Parenthood, Dating, etc.

  • Fitness & Wellness – Bodybuilding, Dieting, Nutrition, Running, Yoga, etc.

  • Food & Drinks – Alcoholic Beverages, Cooking, Food, Restaurants, etc.

  • Hobbies & Activities – Arts & Events, Current Events, Pets, Politics, Travel, etc.

  • Fashion & Design – Beauty, Clothing, Fashion Accessories, Shopping, etc.

  • Sports & Outdoors – Outdoor Recreation, Sports, etc.

  • Technology – Computers, Consumer Electronics, etc.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Life Events

Ads can be targeting on recent life events like anniversaries or starting a new job

Life events Facebook advertisers can target are:

  • Birthdays – Upcoming or Recent Birthdays

  • Relationships – Anniversary, Engagement, Marriage, etc.

  • Family – Expecting a Baby, New Pet, Loss of a Loved One, etc.

  • Professional – Started School, Recent Graduate, New Job, etc.

  • Home & Living – Recently Moved, New Home Purchase, etc.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Life Style & Financial

This option targets users living a certain lifestyle, including travel frequency and event attendance

Lifestyle and financial targeting options on Facebook include:

  • Income – Target an annual income range.

  • Net Worth – Liquid Assets and Total Net Worth.

  • Travel – Frequent Travelers, Business Travelers, Commuters, Cruisers, etc.

  • Seasonal & Events – Baseball, College Football, Professional Football, etc.

  • Expats – Users who live outside their home country.

  • Residential Profiles – Length of Residence, New Mover, Recent Home Buyer, etc.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Connections

This targeting option creates an audience using friends of your Facebook fans

The different ways to use connections targeting are:

  • Facebook Page Visitors – Include or exclude those who have visited or liked your page.

  • App Users – Include or exclude app users, or target friends of your app users.

  • Events – Include or exclude people attending your event or people who are friends of those who are going to your event.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Behaviors

Targets users who have recently taken specific action advertisers select from a list

Facebook advertisers can target the following behaviors:

  • Automotive – New Vehicle Buyers, New Vehicle Owners, Used Vehicle Buyers, etc.

  • Business-to-Business – Industry, Company Size, etc.

  • Charitable Donations – All Donations, Animal Welfare, Environmental & Wildlife, Children’s Causes, etc.

  • Digital Activities – Operating System Used, Event Creators, Facebook Page Admins, etc.

  • Mobile Device User – All, Smartphones, Tablets, All Mobile Devices by OS, etc.

  • Purchase Behavior – Business Purchases, Clothing, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, etc.

Facebook Ad Targeting: Re-targeting

Targets users who have previously clicked on an ad or visited your website.

Ways to use re-targeting ads on Facebook:

  • Site Visitors – Users who have been on your site.

  • Email Lists – Re-target using existing email lists.

  • Phone Numbers – Re-target using your contacts’ phone numbers.

  • Facebook User IDs – Re-target using Facebook User IDs.

  • Video Views – Re-target ads to users who have viewed a percentage of your video.

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